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  • Margret Jackson

    With a possible unexpected career change looming, SOS helped me focus on positives and opened my mind to previously unexplored opportunities.

  • Kylie Cox

    A professional company. I used to buy my academic books. The company is professional and the people are very helpful. I got my books delivered very fast and it is very good. Only nice things to say about the company – try them.

  • Jefferson Parker

    Triobooks has certainly come up with a brilliant concept. The prices are nice, the response is quick, the service is professional, and I just received the books that I ordered from them and to say the least these look as good as new.

  • Roger Briggs

    Lost my Calculus book midterm, dad would have killed me if he knew I needed a new one. Contacted these people online, and got it for only $13. Very happy with not only the book I bought but with the service provided. Excellent customer service. Highly recommend.

  • Mark Jacob

    Fantastic service! Thank you, Arrived within 48 hours of order. Unbeatable price too. A pleasure to do business with Triobooks. I could not want anything more. I really admire your service and will definitely recommend you to others.

  • Frank Johnson

    Excellent service from start to finish. Books at a bargain price, arrived on time, well packaged. We were very happy and will use this company again. It was recommended to us by another satisfied customer and we will pass on the recommendation.

  • Annaliese Jones

    Excellent books (purchased as a gift, so I can’t review those as literary works), at the best price I was able to find, and delivered promptly (well within the cited delivery time) and in pristine condition; having been sent in very neat and secure packaging.

  • George Letterman

    Bought this book collection as a birthday present for my grandson, an excellent investment. Items were as described and delivered within the time stated, highly recommend this company.

  • Michelle Paige

    The service was very good didn’t have to wait long for my books and the books were packed good so no damage would happen to them this is my first time to use them but not my last will buy again

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What's an ISBN?

An ISBN is the standard number used to identify published books. Look for a 10 or 13 digit number above the barcode on your textbook.