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Every New Year, every new semester brings a challenge for students. Buying books that they will use to gain the knowledge they want in class and at home. These books are their guiding lights towards the bright future they and their parents want them to achieve. More than often the books are quite expensive, but one has to buy them in hopes of selling them out at the end of the term.

But the same books that these students buy after spending a fortune, tremendously lose out on monetary value when put-up for resell. That’s right, books that you buy for over $100 are reduced to resell prices of $15 or even $10. What’s even worse is that most students never find people to sell them their books. Resulting in the books, the same ones that contain a wealth of knowledge to be wasted in libraries, attics or basements.

This is why Triobooks gives you the chance to sell your books online. This easy to use website is your answer to finding people who are looking for the books that you have. This not only helps you to sell-out your books and get some of your investment back, it also benefits the purchasers. It’s the same original book, only available from a student to a student in less than a fraction of the original price. Now that is the kind of change that will make America great!

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  • If you want a book, you have to check this bookstore for the most current price. They offer the most value for money for new books, as well as discounted prices when it comes to preloved ones. I’ll return to them for my future kids. Cheers!

  • A professional company. I used to buy my academic books. The company is professional and the people are very helpful. I got my books delivered very fast and it is very good. Only nice things to say about the company – try them.

  • Triobooks has certainly come up with a brilliant concept. The prices are nice, the response is quick, the service is professional, and I just received the books that I ordered from them and to say the least these look as good as new.

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What's an ISBN?

An ISBN is the standard number used to identify published books. Look for a 10 or 13 digit number above the barcode on your textbook.